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Get Into Position

Get Into Position Genesis 2:3-5

Position is translated, the place, situation, or location of a person or thing, the appropriate or customary location, disposition of the body or a part of the body, and a predestined arrangement.

Things must be in place before God. The Bible tells us that at the beginning of creation, God had not called it to rain upon the earth.

This does not mean that the earth was without water. Up to this time God had caused a mist to come up from the earth to give moisture to the earth. There had been no downpour however from the heavenly’s.

Why? Because there was not a man to till the ground. There are some things that God has planned to do, has made provision for doing, and desires to do that he would not do until man is in place to receive what God intends to do.

The is There in Gods safe keeping. The need is here insistent resistant persistent in his pain and suffering. But the blessings won’t be applied to the need until man’s heart is in a position for God to act according to his own laws of redemption healing and deliverance.

There are some things that God has in the heavenly’s that will not be released to you until you are in the proper position spiritually relationally and emotionally. You may be experiencing a mist, but in your spirit you have a relentlessness that there must be something more. You have an inner knowing that you aren’t fully where you are to be. You have an uneasiness it frustration that causes you to say “why am I know further in my life?”

Rather than blaming your wife your parents your boss or your race, you are wise to ask yourself “is God waiting on me to be in a different spiritual position before he pours out a blessing on my life?”

When you are in alignment with God and his purposes he will open up the heavens and cause it to rain on you! Your experience such an outpouring of God’s blessings that you won’t know how to contain them. 1. Forgive those who have offended you – How can I expect to be blessed of God if I am not willing to show mercy to others, and if I am not willing to be healed in my heart?(Read Matthew 6:14-15) 2.) Refresh your commitment to love God by reading His Word and prayer – How can I expect to grow spiritually, if I am not willing to invest my time wisely? (Read Acts 6:4) 3.) Give to the Lord your Tithe and Missions Offerings – How can I expect God’s financial blessing in my life, if I am not willing to financially bless His work in the earth today? (Read Malachi 3:6-12) 4.) Serving the Lord’s Church and His mission in our world – How can I expect God’s favor on my life, if I do not value what He is doing in our world? – (Read Matthew 28:18-20) 5.) Humble yourself asking for God’s blessing in – How can I expect God to bless me, if I am not willing to humble myself and ask Him to do it? (Matthew 7:7-12)

Our prayer is to ask God today where he wants me to be spiritually so that I might receive the downpour of his heavily blessing.

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