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Stealing Church Members

I hear the term often that a preacher stole my members. There is no way that a pastor can steal a human being. It is not against the law. You can’t take an accused pastor to court for stealing  members of  another church, you can’t call the police to make a report, or press charges. This term makes you sound stupid as a leader. If you use his term you are in error.

Let’s be honest maybe there are preachers monopolizing others people to come to their church an pointing out that they should come over their church. His will deal with them. I never liked that but I can’t be mad about it. If a person leaves your church, Preachers should never cut that person off or make the members of your hutch stop dealing with them. That’s wrong and not CHRISTIAN like.

Maybe they left because they are opportunist, or thy were hurt in your church by you or by someone in your church, maybe you are mean and controlling and they woke up, or maybe they hate that you fuss while preaching, maybe your preaching sucks and need a lot of work, maybe they thought your church was about something they just wanted to apart of you in route of their next move, maybe the First Lady is a piece of work but afraid to tell you, maybe something happened and they are not comfortable telling you, maybe they they didn’t feel appreciated, maybe you didn’t promote them fast enough, and maybe you did something unethical and did not see your integrity

There are many factors that play in a person leaving. If they leave, don’t automatically blame another pastor for it. You may seem unapproachable to talk. Do not alienate them. Pray for them and give them your blessing and don’t believe that they will not prosper because, that’s not true and that’s that controlling demon in you. Be fore you judge the person or pastor get the facts first and shop talking stupid. In the bible there are stories of people persuading others to apart of their cult or kingdom to kill you or to kill others which is a brainwashing method to change your faith.

So stop using this term and if you gave a problem with another pastor go and reason together instead of being a coward and judgmental while backbiting.

I have not used this method but have been accused of it lately and in the past. I love people and I am a builder. I respect leadership and I have a conscious. I would never persuade anyone to leave a church to come to mine. So those that thought that I’m capable don’t know me personal. I am speaking for those pastors like myself that have heard this term over and over.

I am also writing this article to promote peace within leadership.  Stopping using this term in error. If a pastor stole your member, call the police and press charges then take them to JudgeJudy or JudgeJoeBrown.

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