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Daily Confessions

We often wake up in the morning with different dispositions, emotions, and different attitudes as well. We all need something that will allow us to get us stimulated first thing in the morning that curve our character for the day. Everyone starts there morning with coffee or a big breakfast meal but their attitude is still unready to deal with the world. I need an inspiring motivational word that gives me purpose for the day. It gives me something to hold on to when the day gets rough. Sometimes we need some type of substance that showers our spirit with joy that cannot be destroyed because I have a statement to cover me from thoughts that has potential to destroy my day. A day without a word of covering is a day of unprotection of the mind and spirit. So I was blessed to receive such a word of inspiration that puts my mind on top of any circumstance that I may be faced with.

“Great people are ready to help me in the right way and at the right time. People who don’t even know it yet! I promise I will never give up when it looks like I don’t have the help that I need, but I will trust God to provide. Many are assigned to sow into my life that I don’t know and some already met me. I will sow back into them the right way at the right time. God has resources that I have not even considered, but in the right way and at the right time, HE WILL PROVIDE!”

Let these words of promise inspire you enough to start your day with. You will have a day like no other day. Things and situations will wrap around this confession. Your day will carve you into what you knew you would always become and what you have always reached for. May this Note Bless your Brain….


Reginald Delman Thompson

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