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3 Seeds To Sow

3 Seeds To Sow: There are many people who argue what mentors must pour into those that look up to them. I recently spoke a motivational message that inspired many role models. The point of this article is to redirect what seeds we sow into those that are connected to us whether it is at church, home, workplace, or with people that we run into in the shopping market. There are three major seeds that we must share with everyone that we run into. It needs to be implemented in our homes as well.

The first seed we must sow especially into our children is trust. We must create an urgency to trust God as well as His spoken and written Word. Many people have gained a great love for God but fail to put all trust in Him. Trust is assured reliance or dependence that focuses on the truth of someone by which confidence is placed. We need to realize that our own trust issues do not belong to God the Father. No matter the reasoning for our own trust dysfunctions, we cannot punish ourselves or others for other people’s mistake. One must take control of their life. Trust issues are very common with the majority of our population. What is not common is when we allow these trust issues to rule our lives. It’s called responsibility. One cannot blame someone else when they have been holding grudges for years. Trusts is definitely earned but let’s face the true culprit with trust issues, it is you. Stop blaming people from your past. We must also realize that no one entirely can solve the trust issues we have in our lives. We must deal with these issues alone and when we do so, we can then heal. Can God the Father be supportive and understanding? Yes indeed, He will give the needed strength to overcome, so be positive and deal with your problems by accepting every situation that has occurred.

The second seed we must sow into others is confidence which is faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper manner, effective way, or state of being certain. Self-confidence is commonly defined as the sureness of feeling that you are equal to the task at hand. This sureness is characterized by absolute belief in ability. You may well know someone whose self-belief has this unshakeable quality, whose ego resists even the biggest setbacks. In such people, confidence is as resilient as a squash ball: the harder the blow, the quicker they bounce back. Nonetheless, although confidence is a desirable characteristic, arrogance or a sureness of feeling not well founded in one’s ability is undesirable. Confidence can determine whether or not you will succeed in achieving your goal. One of the major stumbling blocks to achieving your goal, living your dream, doing anything you want to do in your life is a lack of confidence! When people have confidence, they consistently take action and make necessary changes; they get results and achieve their goals. When people lack confidence, however, they get stuck and they remain stuck. They may have the same ability and skills as a person with confidence, but because they lack confidence they don’t easily take action towards their goals. Your confidence is something you can work on. You can learn techniques that will not only develop your confidence but strengthen it and when your confidence is strengthened, you begin to achieve more in your life.

The third and final seed that we must sow into others is ambition. Ambition is ardent desire for rank and power. You will have a desire to achieve a particular end and won’t stop until you have reached your goal. When you are ambitious you are not a quitter nor will you subject yourself to be one known for starting an assignment without finishing it first. You will not let anything get in your way of accomplishing your desires to fulfill your hearts ambition. Also Ambition is the desire for personal achievement. It provides the motivation and determination necessary to help give direction to life. Ambitious people seek to be the best at what they choose to do for attainment, power, or superiority. When you sow this seed in others you are teaching them to desire for success: a strong feeling of wanting to be successful in life and achieve great things. Your prime objective or goal is to achieve all obstacles on all levels. Having ambition is just the feeling you get when you see something you’d like to have and you think you have a chance to get it, so you make an effort. I do think it is a good idea to encourage young people to have ambitions, because in working to get things they pick up useful skills and values along the way.

Remember if these three elements can be implemented and sown in the lives in others, you will create an evolution and build people to mature believing and wanting more without greed and selfishness. Trust, confidence, and ambition will enable anyone to grow and mature properly becoming a role model and mentor for those that has not matured in their proper timing. I like to call them late bloomers because they have not blossomed as of yet and are behind schedule. But it is not their fault, I blame the ones that should have poured into their lives but did not take the opportunity at all. This is the season to make sure that we pour this information into everyone that we come in contact with. If you take every opportunity to do so you will be surprised of the changing of your environment.

Greater Days Ahead,

Reginald Thompson

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