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Experience God’s Presence


God is lovingly guiding our lives, and we can be confident of His authority to impact this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We shall Thank God through it all.

This Ministry is a catalyst to expand the Kingdom of God through the building of local, national and international faith communities, ministries, churches, and movements. It is with sincere belief that the Kingdom of heaven was established through the “bottom up” approach echoed throughout the pages of the Bible.

Live For Christ

We believe we are to live for Christ. As believers we must put Christ first in our lives and seek him daily.

Love Like Christ

When asked, what is the greatest commandment, Jesus said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your soul and with all of your mind.

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Lead People To Christ

We all matter to God. We all have a Purpose and living for Christ  and loving like Christ causes us to want what God wants.

Love God

Honor God

Believe in God

We Believe in God enough to build his kingdom and to equip other believers, establish faith communities, churches, ministries, and to expand the kingdom.
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Become a Follower

This ministry exemplifies a “kingdom mindset” and that is to have dominion and be the agents of change. On earth, we represent the King. This mindset governs our behavior, what we do, and ultimately how we live.

Reginald Delman Thompson

RDT Ministries

Apostle Reginald Thompson takes pride in teaching men and women of God to observe and apply God’s word to every aspect of their lives. He is truly one whom was carved out of the very heart of God.
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United Assemblies

Network of Leaders and Churches

United Asemblies was founded in 2001. This is a network of leadership groups and churches. We aim to inspire leaders where they are and building genuine wholesome relationships while assisting them to obtain the fulness of God's purpose for their lives.

Sheila Thompson

TenderHearts Ministry

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Prophet Sheila Thompson is president founder of the multi-faceted Tender Hearts Ministry. She also functions in the Christendom as an author, conference and motivational speaker, entrepreneur , Bible instructor and psalmist.
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